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Posted by on Jan 25, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Celebrities Behaving Bad

Why do celebs have to behave badly? If it is not the reality TV stars, it is someone else behaving badly. One of my friends who does not work for London escorts, asked me if London escorts like to date celebs. Well, I guess there must be some charlotte London escorts who have a thing about dating celebs, but I am certainly  not one of them. Most of the celebs I have ever been out on dates with during my career, seem to get a kick out behaving badly. It is not for me and that is the reason why I don’t date celebs.  



I don’t think that I have ever been out with a celeb who behaved nicely if you know what I mean. None of the celebs I have dated since I have been with charlotte London escorts have not even had good manners. In the early part of my London escorts career, I used put up with men behaving badly, but I don’t anymore. That is why I like to date businessmen. Most of the businessmen you date as a London escorts are nice and pleasant to spend time with on dates. Celebs get drunk and are rude to staff in bars and restaurants. I have to admit that does not do anything for me at all.  


The first celeb I went out with when I first joined London escorts, kept asking for free things all of the time. He was really abusive to staff and it was embarrassing. Towards the middle of the night, he was so drunk that he did not know if he was coming and going. As he had paid the London escorts agency I worked for directly, I ended up going home. I was simply not in the mood to hang out with a guy who behaved  like a spoiled brat.  


Since those early days of working for London escorts, I have dated other celebs. Perhaps it is me. I could be one of those girls who bring out the worst in celebs. But, after a really bad date with a celeb, I decided that I did not want to date anymore celebs. I told the owner of the London escorts agency that I work for and that was it. Since then, I have dated businessmen and city types. It has worked out for me. I have seem to have attracted the right crowd as I like to say.  


What is the future of celeb culture? We still seem to be fascinated by celebs and treat them as stars. Most of the celebs I have met have not really been good at anything at all. However, they have expected that all others should bow down to them. I can understand people are fascinated, but when you work for London escorts, you learn a lot about people. I have learned that celebs are not great and not such good people. I know what kind of company I like to keep. That is what I am going to stick to doing.

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